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Land Surveying

Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. These points are usually on the surface of the Earth, and they are often used to establish land maps and boundaries for ownership or governmental purposes.

ALTA-ACSM Land Title Survey

American Land Title Association (ALTA) & American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) surveys are a more detailed survey of the subject property to be acceptable to a title insurance company for the purpose of insuring title to subject property. Requirements have been created by the association to prepare a survey following certain criteria with optional survey requirements and specifications chosen by the client from “Table A”.

Download a copy of the ‘ALTA-ACSM Land Title Survey – Table A – PDF’
ALTA-ACSM Land Title Survey – Table A – PDF

As built Survey

This type of survey may be conducted to exhibit the ‘asbuilt’ conditions of a project, building locations, utility locations, and elevations thereof for record drawings etc.

Boundary Survey

A survey to establish or to re-establish a boundary line of a parcel of land on the ground or to obtain field data for producing a map or plat depicting a boundary line.

Building Condominium Plat

Land Condominium Plat

Construction Surveying Services

To horizontally and vertically layout the designed features of a project for the purpose of constructing buildings, parking areas, roadways, sidewalks, above and below ground utilities, ponds, lakes, etc.

Utility Easement Preparation

Elevation Certificates

Download a copy of the ‘Elevation Certificate – PDF’ provided by:

  • National Flood Insurance Program
  • Federal Emegency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Elevation Certificate – PDF

Mean High Water Determination

AM Engineering, LLC can determine the mean height of tidal high waters at the particular point or station over a period of time.  For tidal waters the cycle of change covers a period of 19 years, and mean high water is defined as the average of the high waters over a 19-year period.

Sketchs & Descriptions

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Subdivision Plat Map

Residential Subdivision Plat Map

Commercial Subdivision Plat Map

Residential Surveys

Right Of Way Survey

This type of survey may be conducted to prepare a map or plat to exhibit or determine the width limits of occupancy of certain lands by either public or private ownership.

Right of way Easements

People or organizations with an easement have the right to access and use your property in specific situations for limited purposes. A right of way is a type of easement which allows one to use a pathway or road on someone else's property without becoming the property owner.

Right-of-way easements are very common. It is especially true in rural areas where people often own vast tracts of land. It is sometimes necessary to pass over someone else's land in order to reach your property. In such circumstances, a right of way easement may be necessary.

Right of Way Vacation Work

When the County "vacates" or "removes public interest from" a County right-of-way (or easement), and it is relinquished to an adjoining property, a Right-of-Way Vacation is required. An ordinance is adopted by the county (through the County Council) if the right-of-way is deemed unusable for transportation purposes and is determined to be beneficial to the public. The ordinance is considered by the County Council at a public hearing.

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Topographic Survey

This type of survey may be conducted to determine the elevation features on a parcel of land such as streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, with selective ground elevations obtained to determine the direction of drainage.

Tree Location Survey

This type of survey is conducted to physically locate trees, their type and size on a parcel of land and is mainly used to help in the design of projects to preserve certain trees that may enhance the appearance of the final product or to determine how many trees will be affected by the development of a certain project

The “Driplines” of specific trees, such as “Grand Trees” (view below), may also be located to determine the affect these trees may have on the development of land.

Download a copy of the ‘Grand Tree – PDF’
Grand Tree – PDF

Wetland Delineation Survey

A survey to exhibit the horizontal limits and size of wetland areas as determined in the field by an environmental specialist.